For the Record

If there is one thing you should know about me, it’s that I am a music JUNKIE! I was born and raised by music devoted hippies and I grew up learning to play the guitar and sing from a young age. I even studied music in college!

There is something so pure and rooted about listening to vinyl and I am so glad it hasn’t died out. I’ve partnered with Victrola to show you their amazingly hip and portable record players, and I am truly OBSESSED! They have sooooo many different colors and styles that I was truly in awe! These babies are a steal at only $59.99.. plus, they are SO mini you can take them anywhere! Retro picnic anyone?

I chose the turquoise mini because I am all about a little pop of color. Find me rockin’ out to David Bowie, Moody Blues or some Simon & Garfunkel all day.. sorry neighbors.

Be sure to check out Victrola and dance the day away. Rockin’ and rollin out!

xoxo Taryn

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Wishing & Hopping

HOW IS IT SPRING ALREADY! Don’t get me wrong, I am STOKED. Nothing makes me happier then sunshine and flowers, oh and a pair of Sorel shoesies to get me on the road to adventure.

SOREL‘s goal is to make fashionable and functional shoes for unstoppable women and they are JUST now launching their spring styles!! Think lace up sandals, slip on’s and more!

I, myself, am a travel junkie so I know more then anything how a pair of shoes can make you want to hop the world one step at a time. I’m also a sucker for anything with a bit of edge, so throw me a pair of metallic silver slip on’s and I’m game.

Be sure to spring into action and hop on those new styles before it’s too late. Happy Spring folks!

xoxo Taryn

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All You Need Is Love

Is there anything that makes a girl sparkle more then some dripping crystal jewelies on the bod? I’ve teamed up with Swarovski this Valentine’s day to showcase their new “One” collection to you lover’s out there!

Valentine’s Day is so much more then a day to celebrate your significant other or a reminder you’re part of Single awareness day..

I call it Love Day, since that is exactly what it is!! My traditions on Love Day consist of reminding everyone I’m surround by that I LOVE them and am so grateful for their presence in my life. So grab your man, grab your gals or grab the nearest lover to you and get out there and LOVE.

And sure.. a little sparkle doesn’t hurt either 😉

xox Taryn

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