Feel It Still

Well I sure am in a pickle here, attempting to promote cozy October weather when I’m sitting in my living room sweating in 95 degrees is QUITE difficult! BUT it doesn’t matter because I am pretending sweater weather is upon us and regardless of the sun, I am rescuing the sweaters from the depth of my closet.

I am bringing this cozy themed blog to you courtesy of my favorites Urban Outfitters! The ultimate place to find anything cozy, trendy, and all around a style treat (no trick here). I have four different outfits displaying my idea of a cozy California assemble and I sure hope you enjoy and can use them as inspo!

From the comforts of home, to the adventures down roads to the pumpkin patch, October is our first climb into Winter and I sure am happy about it. Hope you folks enjoy as much as I do <3

Our song choice today comes from the one and only Portugal The Man! They recently released a new tune called Feel It Still (aka feeling the heat still if you didn’t catch what I did there.. humor me) I keep hearing remix after remix of this jam but the Medasin version is BY FAR my fave! Check it outttt. >> Play here

Ps. Photos brought to you by my gal pal and UO adventure buddy Heidi Toevs

xoxo Taryn

Outfit 1:

Cropped Pants- Click to buy

Grateful Dead tee- Click to buy

Outfit 2:

Mustard Sweater- Click to buy

Outfit 3:

Velvet Jumpsuit-Click to buy

Outfit 4:

Sherpa Leather Jacket- Click to buy

Polka dot romper- Click to buy

Brixton Beret- Click to buy


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Your Water

So I am totally that nerd that never leaves the house without my canteen. That canteen used to be a massive white eyesore until I was offered an opportunity to work with Corkcicle! Ice water is my SHIT. Seriously, “life on the rocks” should totally be my motto. I am on the go constantly, whether it’s on the way to a new photo shoot or on a road trip to see my friends in LA. Also, living in the happiest town in America (San Luis Obispo, for those who have forgotten..ouch) we are always living life outdoors so having a canteen for hiking, biking, beaching is KEY. My new copper canteen gives me the trendy edge I look for in life, with my ice water addiction right along side it. Win win? I think yass.

Sure I love ice water, but coffee? That is another ball game I think we can all get on board with. No one wants there to go coffee luke warm by the time they get to their destination. This little tumbler that matches my super chic on point canteen is PERFECT for this reason. Coffee foeva ya dig.

Thank you Corkcicle for supplying my needs in a fashionable manner. Ps.. sooo many colors and styles to choose from, go find your next sidekick.

BUT WAIT, can’t sign off on a blog without some new music jams for ya babes. I thought this song choice was accurate.. and quite literal obvi but whateverrrr. I absolutely loveeeee this song “Your Water” by Parker Millsap, check it out sweet humans.


xoxo Taryn

Canteen- Corkcicle

Tumbler- Corkcicle

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Solid Wall Of Sound

So I still get this little feeling of excitement when the new school year rolls around. It feels like the old days when I got to break out the new backpack, fresh pencils and my strategicely well thought out first day of school outfit. No, I am not still in school so I have to live vicariously through others, BUT a girl can still pretend right? I mean lets be real, I get to dress up and decor the shiz out of my flat without the tedious thought of homework and daunting textbook reading. Sorry to the folks that have to do both..

Buttttt if you are doing both, that means decor is still on the list, which brings my rambling to point A. Back to school home decor, brought to you by Urban Outfitters, Stylinity and yours truly.

I live in a large industrial style loft and I decorated it so that if anyone steps foot through those doors, they damn sure know I live there. Mainly because I do about 98% of my shopping at UO so its bound to be pure amazingness.

My new recent collab with them, allowed me to deck out my pad in some more UO gear. My favorite piece, my brand new copper record player table. It allows me to feel chic and retro while I jam out to my favorite old school vinyl. Move over to my living area where I get to snuggle with my cute lil llama pillow and insanely soft mauve throw blanket. It wouldn’t be complete without the finishing touch of the snap of a polaroid camera.

Urban, you are dreams.


Photos by Heidi Toevs

Brixton Fisherman Hat- UO (buy- Click here)

Cardigan- UO (buy- Click here)

Jogger Pants- UO (buy- Click here)

Polaroid Camera- UO (buy- Click here)

Llama Pillow- UO (buy- Click here)

Blanket- UO (buy- Click here)

Jumpsuit- UO (buy- Click here)

Rustic Metal Side Table- UO (buy- Click here)

Glazed Ceramic Planter- Urban Outfitters (buy- Click here)

Coupons!! (click to use)

Macrame Hanger- (Email me for custom orders by Dapple & Spice)


Link to Solid Wall Of Sound- Listen here

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