Solid Wall Of Sound

So I still get this little feeling of excitement when the new school year rolls around. It feels like the old days when I got to break out the new backpack, fresh pencils and my strategicely well thought out first day of school outfit. No, I am not still in school so I have to live vicariously through others, BUT a girl can still pretend right? I mean lets be real, I get to dress up and decor the shiz out of my flat without the tedious thought of homework and daunting textbook reading. Sorry to the folks that have to do both..

Buttttt if you are doing both, that means decor is still on the list, which brings my rambling to point A. Back to school home decor, brought to you by Urban Outfitters, Stylinity and yours truly.

I live in a large industrial style loft and I decorated it so that if anyone steps foot through those doors, they damn sure know I live there. Mainly because I do about 98% of my shopping at UO so its bound to be pure amazingness.

My new recent collab with them, allowed me to deck out my pad in some more UO gear. My favorite piece, my brand new copper record player table. It allows me to feel chic and retro while I jam out to my favorite old school vinyl. Move over to my living area where I get to snuggle with my cute lil llama pillow and insanely soft mauve throw blanket. It wouldn’t be complete without the finishing touch of the snap of a polaroid camera.

Urban, you are dreams.


Photos by Heidi Toevs

Brixton Fisherman Hat- UO (buy- Click here)

Cardigan- UO (buy- Click here)

Jogger Pants- UO (buy- Click here)

Polaroid Camera- UO (buy- Click here)

Llama Pillow- UO (buy- Click here)

Blanket- UO (buy- Click here)

Jumpsuit- UO (buy- Click here)

Rustic Metal Side Table- UO (buy- Click here)

Glazed Ceramic Planter- Urban Outfitters (buy- Click here)

Coupons!! (click to use)

Macrame Hanger- (Email me for custom orders by Dapple & Spice)


Link to Solid Wall Of Sound- Listen here

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World On Fire

Back to school, back to school… is anyone a freak like me and hears that phrase and automatically starts singing like Billy Madison? If yes, please be my friend. If not, please let me borrow your sanity pills.

Hey Friends! Disregarding my distracting side note above, I am back to holla out at you all about some amazing back to school goods from my favorite.. dun dun dun.. Urban Outfitters! I live and breath the UO way and I was over the moon to be asked to collaborate with them and Stylinity on this project! For all your fashionistas headin’ back to campus, I am here to help your closets. To begin, I am a sucker for some good ol’ nerdy themed styles and overalls are about the realist way to emphasize this point. I am SO stoked on this pair, they are extremely comfortable and have just the amount of “boyfriend style” I look for in some denim. Lets face it, the mom butts are accepted on school grounds so your parents should have no problem adding these to your fall wardrobes. Of course, it wouldn’t be an UO fit without a touch of trendy, so wallah.. the bandana necklace. I am obsessed with red right now by the way.¬†

For all your college crazies, stay tuned for my next round of UO back to school goods where I get to tackle home decor!! One of my absolute favorites to shop for.

Also, before I go of course.. I have a new song for you. Nothing makes my pants more excited then some old school retro keys mixed with a new school sound. Hence, “World On Fire” by Louis The Child. Just go listen and you’ll catch my drift. Stay cool folks,

xoxo Taryn

BDG Ryder Boyfriend Overall- Urban Outfitters 

to buy- Click here

Classic Bandada- Urban Outfitters

to buy- Click here

Trying to save? Shop with coupons!! You’re welcome..





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Nobody Knows

Hey hey hey everybody, I am back with a new post. I thought it would be cool to show you a bit of my new place, and basically a day in the life. The sadly un-glamorous part about being a photographer, is the endless hours I spend at home editing photos and replying to emails. That being said, what I have to stare at all day every day better be on point. Yes, when you walk in my house its like walking into a straight Pinterest board, just the way I like it. I also wouldn’t be content with out some comfy threads to rock, other then my PJs.. which is about 90% of the time honestly. These three tops from Press Fashions, are major all a major go to’s. I love simplicity and pair that with super soft fabric and I am in. They are all easy to dress up or dress down, which for me is key since I an always running in and out. On another not, if you didn’t know where I live, check da map. These rad posters by Grafomap make it easy to create your own version of your favorite place in the world. I will forever love San Luis Obispo so it only seemed right to dedicate a piece of my wall to my fave little town on the California Central Coast.

PS. music is disabled for a couple posts while I figure out why word press had to switch up my life and make things complicated.. I am still computer challenged for someone who’s job is primarily tech based.. go me. BUT, if you are in need of a good tune, check out “Nobody Knows” by the Lumineers.. I am obsessed it is so sweet <3

xoxox Taryn

Striped sweater- Press

White Sweater- Press

Polka-Dot Tee- Press

Poster- Grafomap


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