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1922 Blues






Helloooo my dear friends. Still alive over here, and with a new collab update for you fellow fashion followers. My dream has finally come true and this round I got to work with the one and only Urban Outfitters. This has been a blog goal of mine since the beginning so I’ve been on cloud nine. And speaking of cloud 9, welcome to my dwelling in the attic. My room is not only my sleeping chambers, but its my office, my chill zone, my fashion center and my place to express myself. Music and coziness go hand in hand in my world so my new duvet, record player and faux fur blanket are my new best friends. I hope you all get to get cozy this November as much as I plan on doing so.

Oh music, I have not forgotten. Do yourselves a favor and go listen to this retro style tune with some folk magic. I guarantee happiness <3

xoxo Taryn

Faux Lamb Blanket- Urban Outfitters

Magical Thinking Duvet- Urban Outfitters

Hannah Cable Cardigan- Urban Outfitters

Record Player- Urban Outfitters

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Lost Out Here








No, I am not getting married. Yes, I will forever rock white and flowers till past the day I eventually say I do. I couldn’t resist this amazing two piece set from Fay With Love, and oh how I do love it. Finally got to adventure with my belle, Michelle, and we traveled to this quaint little get away in San Miguel where the cacti are flowing and the rustic inspo is on point. NOW, it is time to announce my Zoo Shoo giveaway! See these bad boys on my feet? These or one other pair could be yours, just follow this link to get started:

Good luck babes!

My friend literally just showed me this tune last night and I am already diggin’ it to the max. You know those songs you hear just a few notes to and you already know it is going to be one of your new obsessions? That feeling is right up there with love for me. Hope you enjoy as much as I do,

xoxox Taryn

Maxi set- Fay With Love

Headpiece- Untamed Petals

Shoes- ZooShoo

Photos: Michelle Roller



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Walk On






I call this one green fiend. Mainly because yes, I will say it once and I will say it again.. plants are the driven force that fuel my photo inspiration. I also scored with this rad green romper from Tobi that helped me blend in with my fellow shrubby friends. Tobi is my go to store in the fashion world for the ultimate wallet friendly pieces. Also, If anyone has the cure for roadtrip wrinkles, please clue me in. Roadtrip comfort is something I am all about.. along with style.. so a effortless romper works miracles in the fashion department on the road. Took a trip to Santa Barbara with some girlfriends where the streets are paved with the most beautiful plant life every city should strive for. We ended the day with a beautiful sunset stroll in the SB hills.

I found this song recently on one of my Spotify binges and I instantly fell in love. I already am obsessed with Josh Garrel’s voice so throw in some road friendly folk twang and I am all in, all done. Check it out and hit da road.

xoxo Taryn

Romper- Tobi

Boots- Matisse

Bralette- Free People

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