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White Noise

Well it’s that time of the year folks, where we got our winter coat on (to hide the amount of holiday feasts we’ve indulged in) and presents out, and glitter ready to toss for another year and another round. NYE is my absolute favorite holiday and I’m not completely sure why. It could be that I get to be surrounded by the ones I love and we scream toss glitter and bring in the new year with a little smooch. Or maybe cause I get to wear sparkles and dance by buns off.. not sure. Regardless, we all know we spend weeks/months (or I do) looking for that perfect outfit to reign in the new year.

I have collaborated with Topshop to bring you my idea of the perfect NYE outfit! Jumpsuits are a must, and silver foiled stars on top of that? Hell yes. Not to mention, bring it together it with a bad ass pair of boots and we are SET. These shoes are seriously my new pride and joy, not to mention my favorite color. Check out all their holiday gear and get glammed for 2018!

Check out this song “White Noise” by Ella Vos for my music debut. It has the perfect beat to drive to, run to, think to, ect. I’ll definitely cheers a little champagne to this tune when that ball drops.

Happy Holidays folks!

xoxo, Taryn

Jumpsuit- Topshop

Booties- Topshop

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Rubble to Rubble

Well it kind of seems like I just live at Urban Outfitters doesn’t it. You’re not wrong, I basically do. And I sure am not mad about it! As promised, the cozy continues, but this round its all about the turning leaves and even more snuggley sweaters, cause it’s November y’all.

Here are my three November themed outfits, and basically my three personas. Chillin at home goes first because let’s face it, that is my life. Gimme some music (on my new bluetooth speaker I die for), some yummy scents and a graphic tee and grandpa sweater and I am good to gooooo. Next up, it is quite rare you will see me in a dress, but I couldn’t help myself with this amazing rust colored wrap dress. Sure, the wind comes and people might get a peak of my Britney but it is worth it (sorry world). Throw on an oversized demin jacket and faux leather stompin’ boots and that is me in a nutshell. If I am feeling extremely NY and chic, step into my all black world with this amazing jumpsuit and leather and animal print. Bam.

Hope you guys are diggin’ my ensembles today! Embrace the cold and bring on the cozy. You’ll hear me say that for all of two months before I cry and need the sun back in my life.

PS. Song choice today. I have an unhealthy obsession with a band I just saw recently, Wilderado. I LOVE THEM. Peep my favorite song by them at the end!

Oh and don’t forget to shop below!

xoxo Taryn

Outfit 1:

Tom Petty Tee- click to buy

BDG jeans- click to buy

UO candle- click to buy

Crosley Bluetooth Speaker- click to buy

Outfit 2:

Oversized Denim Jacket- click to buy

UO wrap dress- click to buy

Black Gloss Booties- click to buy

Outfit 3:

Leather Jacket- click to buy

Black Jumpsuit- click to buy

Printed Scarf- click to buy

MUSIC: Rubble to Rubble- Wilderado

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Feel It Still

Well I sure am in a pickle here, attempting to promote cozy October weather when I’m sitting in my living room sweating in 95 degrees is QUITE difficult! BUT it doesn’t matter because I am pretending sweater weather is upon us and regardless of the sun, I am rescuing the sweaters from the depth of my closet.

I am bringing this cozy themed blog to you courtesy of my favorites Urban Outfitters! The ultimate place to find anything cozy, trendy, and all around a style treat (no trick here). I have four different outfits displaying my idea of a cozy California assemble and I sure hope you enjoy and can use them as inspo!

From the comforts of home, to the adventures down roads to the pumpkin patch, October is our first climb into Winter and I sure am happy about it. Hope you folks enjoy as much as I do <3

Our song choice today comes from the one and only Portugal The Man! They recently released a new tune called Feel It Still (aka feeling the heat still if you didn’t catch what I did there.. humor me) I keep hearing remix after remix of this jam but the Medasin version is BY FAR my fave! Check it outttt. >> Play here

Ps. Photos brought to you by my gal pal and UO adventure buddy Heidi Toevs

xoxo Taryn

Outfit 1:

Cropped Pants- Click to buy

Grateful Dead tee- Click to buy

Outfit 2:

Mustard Sweater- Click to buy

Outfit 3:

Velvet Jumpsuit-Click to buy

Outfit 4:

Sherpa Leather Jacket- Click to buy

Polka dot romper- Click to buy

Brixton Beret- Click to buy


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