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Drops of Jupiter


Hey hey folks! Coming to ya from a little town called Portland, Oregon where I just spent an amazing 8 days eat, drinking, and touring the beautiful streets of this incredible city. We had a little treat in the middle of our stay, an awesome two night retreat to the Jupiter Hotel on the east side of the city. I had read about the Jupiter before and loved how funky and unique it looked! Lucky for me, they happened to be just wrapping a new addition to their hotel across the street called Jupiter NEXT. This swanky towering building had the funk of the Jupiter but a chic modern twist that made me feel like I was in New York mixed with London, mixed with San Fransisco and well you know what I mean. My favorite part of this place was the AMAZING view! Waking up to the Portland skyline and falling asleep to it’s bright lights was an incredible way to see the city. Thank you so much for our stay Jupiter, definitely a trip we will never forget! Be sure to book your NEXT stay here guys, you won’t regret it.




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Dream Lover

So Aloha.. from Mexico..?? Hola, hello, whatsup, good morning, ANYWHO, guys regardless.. I have sun on the brain and that’s about it. I landed a few days ago in Mexico and have been living the summer life (living for this since I hear it’s cold back in California this week muahah). Finally getting to free the bikinis from the depths of the winter drawers and show them to the world. That is why I am partnering with Ardene to showcase their new swimwear! Ardene has it down when it comes to all things colorful, beachy, summer, Instagram worthy & MAGICAL.

Ardene is awesome because you can seriously mix and match SO many different styles based on your preference. I love a trendy off the shoulder look because not only does it work on the beach and in the water, but throw on some shorts and BAM, check dat cute little crop top.

Hope you all enjoy soakin’ up those rays and remember.. I ain’t your mama but WEAR SUNSCREEN.

xoxo Taryn

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Bitter Sweet Symphony

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