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Life On Mars

How is it even Fair to have clothes be this dang cute? (See what I did there?) Welcome to the Paso Robles California Mid State Fair people, where color pops, cotton candy carts, and flowing beer fountains are a day in the life. I couldn’t think of anywhere better to shop for my Fair attire, then Paso Robles’ cutest downtown boutique, Bijou On The Park.

Camilla, the owner, asked if I would come in to browse her pieces and oh man, did I find some gems. Like this banana embroidered For Love and Lemons dress that I paired with another For Love and Lemons top, because layers mean you can keep the clothes comin’ forever. Then we have these killer embroidered star lined denim bells by Black Orchid.. more like stares and stripes after I wore those babies on the street. Lastly, I found these INCREDIBLE Line & Dot satin dotted bells which I paired with a Chaser tee, promoting one of my favorite past times.. Beer. Cheers to that.

The finds are endless in this adorable boutique located right off the park in the my precious part of the Paso Robles downtown center. If you are in wine country, do yourselves a favor and check out her shop, you won’t be disappointed. For those of you that can’t make it down, hold tight.. Camilla has an online store in the mix and I can’t WAIT to stalk it every day. 

I love you Bijou!!!

Cheers, Taryn

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“Life On Mars”- David Bowie–IqqusnNQ

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Honey, I’m Home


Okay okay okay, so it only took me about a year and a half of living here to finally get this home tour up.. what can I say? Good things take time? Well folks, I officially welcome you to the Jungle Palace, my mini-big, refurbished garage studio nestled in the heart of downtown San Luis Obispo, CA.

I seriously wish I had the before and after of this room because the difference is NIGHT & DAY. We turned this old man-cave of a garage into a beautiful living dream space that I call HOME. Home decor is a favorite past time of mine (and dent in the wallet ouch) and it really took about a year to scout and complete all the pieces I had envisioned for my dream home. Like my massive rug from a local vendor, Old World Rugs (their pieces are truly one of a kind) or my brand new custom made coffee table from the babes at Revamped the Collection. A few other favorite pieces is my credenza found on AMAZON, oh yeah. My amazing leather chair I got for $100 on craigslist, such a find. And I got a total bedroom makeover from the only and only Urban Outfitters.

It is sad to say that I will only be in this beautiful jungle for two more months and then I am off to live in a bigger and better world! (stay tuned). But this little oasis I have called home for the last 2 years has been nothing short of amazing. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do <3

xoxo Taryn

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Drops of Jupiter


Hey hey folks! Coming to ya from a little town called Portland, Oregon where I just spent an amazing 8 days eat, drinking, and touring the beautiful streets of this incredible city. We had a little treat in the middle of our stay, an awesome two night retreat to the Jupiter Hotel on the east side of the city. I had read about the Jupiter before and loved how funky and unique it looked! Lucky for me, they happened to be just wrapping a new addition to their hotel across the street called Jupiter NEXT. This swanky towering building had the funk of the Jupiter but a chic modern twist that made me feel like I was in New York mixed with London, mixed with San Fransisco and well you know what I mean. My favorite part of this place was the AMAZING view! Waking up to the Portland skyline and falling asleep to it’s bright lights was an incredible way to see the city. Thank you so much for our stay Jupiter, definitely a trip we will never forget! Be sure to book your NEXT stay here guys, you won’t regret it.




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