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Blow My Mind

Okay guys, time for some honestly here. I seriously fail at life when I try to give myself a blow out.. WHAT IS THE SECRET! I’ve been content with a couple curls here and there, but really the main reason I use a hair dryer is for these pesky bangs. Ladies with bangs, you understand. Immediately after showering, I take a blow dryer and a round brush to the locks and give the bangs the oomf they deserve. That was, until “Blow Out Freak” by Bed Head, came to my RESCUE! Not only is it pink and absolutely adorable, but it makes my life SO much easier. Hello multitasking!

Also, whenever I travel, it is always such a struggle having to bring along a big ol’ blow dryer AND a big ol’ round brush. Blow Out Freak saves me the hassle and the packing space. It is also extremely easy to use, which I NEED. The Ego Boost Mixed Pattern Bristles also add volume, texture and definition, which my locks love. The tourmaline ceramic technology reduces frizz and adds instant shine

This baby, is hands down, one of the most useful products I’ve acquired yet. Go grab yours today at your local Walmart or online here.

xoxo Taryn

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Moody Orange

Sponsored by Zappos

It’s about that time, where the weather gets a little warmer, pants get a little shorter, and shoes get a little… sandaly-er? Okay so I’m not a poet.. but I can rock a good pair of summer kicks. These Miz Mooz golden Aster sandals from Zappos, are my new go to! Side note guys- Zappos is amazing because they offer free two day shipping for Zappos rewards members and they even have a 365 day return policy!

If you guys know me at all, you know I like a bit of a statement on my feetsies, and on my body, my hair, well everywhere, you get it. Metallic shoes are the PERFECT way to add a little style n’ steeze to your outfit, without being too over the top and rocking the casual vibes.

I’ve got to give it to ya Miz Mooz, these sandals are EXTREMELY comfortable.. definitely more comfortable then laying in a field of weeds, but hey, golden hour called, and I answered. I paired these with some golden cut offs, a graphic tee and a statement hat for a casual afternoon back in my home town. Rock these with some denim to spice up your day time fit, or pair with your favorite summer dress and some layered gold jewelry for a night on the town. Either way, Miz Mooz and Zappos have you COVERED this summer.

PS. I’m about to start up my song of the day in each blog post again. I am obsessed with RKS and their song, “Moody Orange” from their newest album seemed like the perfect fit to this cloudy golden hour shoot. Listen below and enjoy!

xoxox Taryn

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Let’s Kick It

I’m not sure how my closet and I do it, but somehow I can always find room to fit just one or two more pieces of shoe therapy in my life. Today’s new contenders? Timberlandssssssssss! If you’re like me, when you think of Timberlands, you think of big ol’ shit kickin’ boots. Anyone? Bueller?

I was SO pleasantly surprised to see these spring styles they just launched and I was even more pleasantly surprised when I put them on cause WOW. I don’t know which pair was more comfortable to be honest. I’ve always loved sandals but feel a bit of a heel takes my outfits to the next level. These first Marsh strap sandals made me feel like I was walking on a cloud and could conquer the universe. I love the color for summer too, the natural nudes are trending big time right now.

Second up, was these badass gold Delphiville leather sneakers. I’ll admit, I am not a huge sneaker wearer unless its a pair of low top converse, but man was my mind changed. I felt like a new woman when I put these on. Bye heels, helloooo hops.

Whether you’re a stylish ath lesiure advocate, or a hip chick with a thirst for comfort, Timberland has both styles dedicated to YOU. So let’s match, you know you wanna 😉

xoxo Taryn

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