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Pantene- My Best Bud

Okay folks, you can thank me bunches later, but it’s officially time to say bye bye to those bad hair days, once and floral.

Pantene’s new Fortifying Damage Repair Collection with Castor Oil has been a major game changer on my thirsty locks. The Castor Oil Collection was made to protect and repair damaged, overworked hair and is completely free of sulfates, parabens, dye and mineral oil! This helps strengthen and protect hair as well as nourishes and restores your hair with smoothness and shine.

Selfcare is crucial when you’re on the go so it’s important to regroup even if it’s only for an hour. My hair gets completely overworked from travel, working out and maintenance for daily shoots and events, so I am always on the hunt for easy, everyday hair care. I don’t use a ton of product on my hair either, so a good shampoo and conditioner is a life saver in my daily routine.

I challenge you to try out this collection, I promise it will be your hair’s best bud.

xoxo Taryn

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Not Going to the Chapel

Before you all freak out.. NO I am not getting married. Unless you count my bed as an optional partner in life.. no one gets me like my pillows do. But no no no, I just had to make a debut in bridal to see what all the fuss is about. Cue the ‘All Who Wander‘ collection by Essense Australia.

Now as a wedding photographer by weekend, I have seen my fair share of wedding dresses. Brides, I’m not judging.. but I am taking notes. Its like dress shopping for life (again, no futures hubbies in sight.. but when I DO.. hehe, I’ll know.. I think).

This was actually my FIRST TIME ever putting on a wedding dress *gasp*. I’ve worked with bridal shops, wedding styled shoots, actual weddings, wedding veils, you NAME IT. But I had never actually put on one of the dresses. And my goodness, I have a new found respect for my brides. Those things are heavy!! But oh my are they magical.

For the All Who Wander collection, I am wearing the Raven gown (1st set) and the Finn gown (2nd set). I don’t even think I could choose which I loved more. The raven gown was chic and textured and I have always been interested in an off the shoulder look (you can also wear it as normal sleeves). Then I wore the Finn and my goodness did this material have the most effortless movement, as you can tell from my photos. This one also has removable sleeves which I did because I love a short sleeve bridal dress. BUT BRIDES, HOW DO YOU DO IT!!?? The thought of narrowing it down to one dress is absolutely mind boggling. Thankfully, I don’t have to make that decision any time soon, but ladies if you are on the hunt.. All Who Wander, might be a great place to end up.

Epilogue: To my potential future husbands out there, I’m taking applications.

xoxo Taryn

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NIKEy To My Heart

That’s right, you’ve found the NIKEy to my heart… my new favorite sneakers and they’re toe-tally my vibe.

That’s right, you’ve found the NIKEy to my heart… my new favorite sneakers and they’re toe-tally my vibe.  Introducing Nike’s Air Max 270 React, your one stop shop to comfort and fashion all in one.

I’ll be honest, most of my sneakers in life have been worn in running shoes or converse.. when the sneaker trend hit, I was hesitant. Was it my vibe? Could I pull off the look? Turns out, it didn’t matter for either because once I slid on a pair of those bad boys and took a step.. my world changed. Boots, heels, stilettos.. like.. have we been trying to murder our soles here? (pun intended).  Whoever brought the sneaker trend into the fashion world, needs an applause and a cocktail stat.

In all seriousness though, the Air Max 270 React takes your athleisure look to a whole new level. These are BIG AIR with GO, since the shoe is a combination of two of Nike’s most legendary shoe innovations, Air + React. The bold silhouette of the Nike Air lifts the shoe to new heights while the Nike React foam mid-sole keeps you moving forward with exceptional cushioning. Basically all-day comfort with unstoppable speed. I am ALWAYS on the go, especially in the fashion industry, so these babies are NIKEy to life.

If you’ve noticed, I am ALL about a pop of color and I love mixing styles, so these were totally up my alley. My favorite way to create outfits is mix a bit of femininity with a bit of an edge. I did that here by pairing a flowing skirt with the Air Max 270 React sneakers and a colorful blazer to show the contrast. Sure, then I added in 5 million colorful accessories and BAM. Welcome to my life.

So basically, guys.. if I haven’t sold you on the sneaker trend by now, shame on me. Loosen up, get comfortable, and make a statement, you deserve it.

Xoxo Taryn

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