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sistersTwo sisters, bonded by blood and a love for the fashion world.

Sisters share everything, and for us, that means sharing our love for fashion. We grew up playing dress up until the day we decided to blog about it. Take a look at our daily styles and hopefully you will be able to enjoy them and take inspiration for your own closets :).

Our love for clothes is growing so much that we started our own online retail store! We carry vintage & handmade items found and and made by yours truly, so please check out our SHOP section to browse!

If clothes aren’t your thing, maybe music can satisfy your soul. Our love for music, is just as great as our fashion addiction, so we decided to incorporate our favorite everyday songs with our outfit choices. Be sure to check in to see what tunes are brewing in our minds.

Thank you all for taking the time to peruse our blog, peace and love <3


Taryn & Rhi